Why You Shouldn’t Whey

There are SO many different types of protein supplements out there today. So many brands, so many labels to read, so many different promises. The most popular choice out there is some sort of whey protein. Some brands say their powders have up to 30 grams of protein per serving and all with “low sugar” and “natural flavors”. We have all seen them. Heck, I used to only drink whey protein. But then I did some research and I want to share my thoughts on why you shouldn’t whey.

Whey is a Dairy by-product

Type “what is whey” into google and you will get this… “The watery part of milk that remains after the formation of curds”. Make your taste buds water? Nope. Now, I love cheese just as much as the next person but I don’t want my protein coming from that. Dairy is well known to cause inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the root cause of SO many illnesses and sicknesses so why would we want to ADD more of that into our diet? We should be wanting to REDUCE inflammation.
Here are some examples of what inflammation causes: arthritis, GI issues, allergies, joint aches, headaches, acne, fatigue, muscle soreness, bloating, just to name the top ones.
So “Moooooove” that whey off the shelf and into the trash! (Sorry, I couldn’t help it)

Not only is cow’s milk highly allergenic for most people but the process of refining whey protein isolate involves heat and acid treatment which kills off any friendly bacteria which would be good for your gut health. The treatment process also leaves the milk putrid (yep, you’re drinking putrid protein when you slug down that protein shake!) and hard to dissolve which is why manufacturers have to use additives to make it easier to mix.


Whey is Heavily Processed

They can make A LOT of this stuff because think of how many dairy farms we have. More dairy, more whey to make. Did you know that it is LEGAL by the government to allow up to 20% of blood, hair and puss in dairy products? YES. It’s disgusting. If you are buying whey, at least do yourself a favor and make sure it is non GMO and organic. Otherwise, it’s almost guaranteed that you will have some nasty products in your powders.
Think about this too, when you eat processed foods, you won’t feel your best. Because whey is so heavily processed, it may or may not actually absorb in your bloodstream. Your body won’t know what to do with it other than become inflamed.


If this is you (featured in the above image)  don’t fret. The great thing about life is that every day we wake up, we get a NEW chance to change. It doesn’t have to be all at once. Take small steps and over time, you will see huge changes in your health.

What to Use Instead

I personally believe that we get a lot of great protein from our diets. That is, if you have a good diet. I don’t eat 100% “clean” or vegan so i like to supplement my diet with adding plant protein. I have a shake every morning with my powder, frozen fruit, some leafy greens and non dairy milk. If you are looking for a protein, you need to make sure that whatever you choose is 3rd party certified. That way you know what is on the label is in the bag. NSF is a great stamp to look for. They test the quantity of the ingredients and make sure that there is nothing extra added. So whats on the label is all that is in the food. You also want to make sure that the brand you get is non gmo or organic. This is really important when you are getting plant based protein. You don’t want any herbicides or pesticides mixed in with your powders.
If the brand is really good, they will have 3rd party research done on the product. Those are few and far between but i have found one that i LOVE and tastes great.

I hope this sparks your interest in learning more about the supplement industry as a whole AND sparks your interest to learn more about health. We only have ONE life, let’s live it WELL!

*These are just my own personal opinions. By all means, do your own research and find what’s best for YOU.*

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